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Interlocking Brick Pavers

Paving Stones are a beautiful, durable and popular choice today. Replacing a traditional cement or asphalt driveway with interlocking pavers looks pleasingly dramatic and adds significantly to the value of your home. Pool decks, winding pathways, lanais and parking areas are also beautifully done in this versatile material. A wide range of colors and styles makes it possible to match your home perfectly. They are considered the ultimate hardscape for beauty, elegance and durability. Unlike concrete and asphalt, this durable material never cracks or crumbles. Pavers can even be removed for irrigation or utility repairs and then replaced, retaining their original appearance.

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Durable and Long-Lasting

Paving installers know the incredible strength and long-lasting qualities of paving stones. In Europe, cobblestone streets, walkways and town squares are everywhere, many of them several hundred years old and still in perfect shape. When expensive natural stone became out of reach, Europeans weren't willing to give up the charm and elegance that only stone paving can give, so they invented a new type of paving stone (known in the industry as "interlocking pavers") that duplicated the beauty and strength of stone at a fraction of the price. Since that time, concrete pavers have become the pavement of choice. They became available in the US and have been increasing in popularity over the last few decades as more and more people discovered their beauty and practical advantages.

Many homeowners have admired paving stone driveways and patios and been curious about them but often think they are too expensive. While pavers do cost more than some hardscapes, they are far more affordable than people realize.

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The Difference

What are the big differences between interlocking pavers and stamped concrete? Stamped concrete can look very beautiful but unfortunately is still concrete and may crack. Adding color and patterns to stamped concrete may enhance the overall look of it. However these attributes also make it harder to patch if cracks do occur. Interlocking pavers however are individual units or "bricks" and the natural sand filled joints between each paver will have some "give" when pressure, expansion or contraction, is present. This "give" eliminates the cracking inherent to conventional asphalt and stamped concrete. Pavers are also much stronger than concrete. Concrete is tested to withstand approximately 3,000 pounds per square inch while pavers are tested in excess of 8,000 PSI. Therefore most pavers come with a lifetime warranty against cracking and breaking. There are very little differences between paver manuafacturers in general. They all follow industry standards to insure each paver has compressive strength, proper water absorption rate, and correct abrasion index.

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Pavers can be sealed or left unsealed. It is an individual decision. We use high quality sealers that protect your pavers from spills and stains and enhance the colors of the pavers. Sealed pavers can easily be cleaned with a hose. However not sealing the pavers does not affect their strength and durability.